Fremen where are you?

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Re: Fremen where are you?

Post by Ceres » Wed Aug 14, 2019 7:05 am

House: Atreides
Character: Iakobos Isibis
Rank: Master of Arms/Swordsmaster

Iakobos thought about the offer before nodding at the rest of the Atreides men with him.

"Our house is willing to, on principle, agree with these terms. Mining of the spice will be limited to the deserts north of 60 degree unless supervised by Fremen guides and the land protected."

"I am however compelled to point out that we do not speak on behalf of the other house. Our house has a CHOAM contract for the mining of the spice, but we do not have exclusive rights to speak on behalf of the Imperium over planetary affairs. That could be changed if the other house were removed..."

Iakobos would pause, hoping to gauge the collective actions of the Fremen, before saying.

"If your people could aid in their removal, we would be willing to speak to the landsraad about recognizing Arrakis as a special autonomous jurisdiction within the imperium."

Our planet is Caladan, not Arrakis, after all. Iakobos thought to himself.

"That way your people's stewardship of the desert would be more secure."

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