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General Info

Age: ~35
Sex: Male
Birthplace: Sietch Bissal
Relationship: Married
Place of Residence: Sietch Bissal


House/Faction: Fremen
Affiliation: Sietch Bissal, Ichwan Bedwine
Title: Naib
Positions: Naib Sietch Bissal

Physical Appearance

Hair color:
Eye color: Blue-in-Blue
Skin tone:
Distinguishing marks:

Family Information



"He had a soft demeanor, and eyes that stared off into the shadows of the low room. Eyes blue within blue."

"Adham was of the "waterfat" generation, born after peace was made with the Richese and the Sietch plump with extortion wealth. He had never been particularly strong or large or quick, preferring games of strategy to martial sport, but the Fremen do have a place for cleverness, and he became water master at a young age.

The Naib in those days had been ruthless, uniting the Ichwan of Sihaya ridge to form the stronghold of Bassil, sacrificing entire Sietches to protect its secret. Many of Adham's age saw these measures as tyranny, and so a young Fedaykin of great strength challenged the aging Naib for leadership and slew him in ritual combat.

It was in his role as Watermaster Adham would discover that the son of the new Naib was a water thief, and only by his father's position had he been spared exile for such a serious crime. Adham publicly challenged the Naib for this abuse of his power, who arrived to find, not the mild Adham, but his own son, convinced by the Watermaster that only by standing as champion could he clear the shame he had brought. The duel ended in death and exile, and the need for a new Naib.

That night Adham, Waleed, Taahir, and Saadiq had moved through the Sietch with Crysknives drawn, eliminating those close to the previous regime. By dawn there were a dozen corpses in the death still, and Adham was Naib unchallenged. His strength was patience, a careful observation of the balance of things. That is what was needed here."