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Carthag was erected by one of the previous houses when Spacing Guild manipulations had given them Arrakis as a quasi-fief to govern. The city was built north-east of the Shield Wall with the rapidity of inexhaustible human labour, with blocky buildings constructed of substandard materials for ostentatious purposes or functionality. It is noticiable for its lack of finesse or elegance. There is no curfew in Arrakeen or Carthag, due to practicality considerations. The cooler temperatures at night mean that the evenings can be quite busy. Carthag has three ornithopter bases. Spice mining operations run from two of the bases. Access to these bases is strictly restricted to those involved in spice mining. The third base is used almost exclusively by the Harkonnens. They allow some non-Harkonnen traffic. Carthag is located 120 miles north-east of Arrakeen.

The Palace
Former Richese residence, and the official seat of government. It is actually a series of large, blocky buildings. Like the rest of Carthag, it has little aesthetic value, but unlike the rest of Carthag, it is generally built to a high standard, using good quality materials.

Space Port
The entrance is a gate (wide enough for a ground car). To the right (as you enter) is a gate house, consisting of a single small room with two guards, and large windows for them to observe the approaches. Their view into the port isn't very good. There is a single door (opening outwards) leading into the gate house from inside the port. Ships aren't usually guarded, as they're considered secure inside the space port.

Tavern: Paapan Kapakka
Run by an ex-Harkonnen soldier, almost all of the customers are Harkonnen soldiers. A rough bar, with quieter areas for those willing to pay a premium. It has strippers every night. Normally they are local girls, but occasionally they get off-worlders. Due to the popularity of off-world girls, an entrance fee is charged when they are working.

Tavern: Lehrer’s Landfall
Lehrer’s Landfall is near the spaceport, and a favourite of shuttle crews etc The bar is shabby but reasonably clean It consists of a single large room. There are tables with bench seats. The layout is somewhat reminiscent of a contemporary canteen The bar is along one wall, there are two bar staff. They serve alcoholic drinks and spice coffee The clientele are mostly male, but there are some women The building itself is of a prefabricated look that many of the buildings near the spaceport seem to share. Painted directly onto the front wall is “Lehrer’s Landfall” and a picture of a supposedly comical shuttle craft. it has a face with Xs where the eyes would be, it’s tongue is lolling out and it is lying on its back drunk or possibly dead. It’s a shabby looking place.

Tavern: Musaafir (The Wanderer)
A relatively clean and classy establishment, The Wanderer serves the best food in Carthag (that's not saying much). Although the Harkonnens generally ignore it, almost any other class of person on Dune can be found here. It is fairly commonly used as a meeting place, since the booths keep conversations reasonably private.

Lodging House: Yabanci Konaklama
A lodging house near the space port. Cheap but not very clean, stays here tend to be short.

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