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The Fremen are a subculture of humans who consider the planet Arrakis their home.


Ancient History

The origins of the Fremen lay with the Zensunni Wanderers, who fled from one planet to another prior to The Butlerian Jihad, escaping religious and cultural persecution. Several Zensunni settled on Arrakis, as they fled from the upcoming war initiated by the Titans. They thought, this were Kralizec, the final war in their scriptures and mankind was doomed to lose it. These Zensunni mainly made a living by scavenging the desert for anything that could be sold to the merchants at the spaceport. The worms were considered demons. Several decades before the war between Omnius and the League of Nobles again broke out, with the attack on Salusa Secundus, one Selim was banned from his Sietch, though he was innocent, for a horrible of crime of the stealing of water. From now on, he despised the way of living of the Zensunni. By mistake, he learned to ride a worm and by luck, he found an Old Empire biological research station in the deep desert, that provided him with water. He became Selim Wormrider. He no longer considered the worms as demons, but more as some sort of Shai-hulud, unwilling god. He gathered followers, who also preferred a more spiritually and ascetic life like Selim.

Butlerian Jihad

During the war Omnius vs League, a group of zensunni slaves fled Poritrin in an experimental spaceship and they crashed landed on Arrakis. After an arduous year where nearly half of the original escapees, they mixed with Selim's followers and the leader of the slaves, Ishmael, declared themselves the free men. Later, this was shortended to Fremen.}} Despite their keen sense of oral history, the history of the Fremen prior to their arrival on Arrakis was distorted and partially lost over the millenia. They concluded that Arrakis was the final stop on the migration of the Zensunni Wanderers, a journey that they mistakenly believed started on the planet Poritrin.

Corrino Era

During the Richese occupation of Arrakis, the Fremen waged a bloody guerrilla war against harvesting in the deep desert. Despite several pyrrhic victories by the Richese, they were forced into a peace treaty by the united Ichwan Bedwine, the exact reasons for which are unknown. This treaty limited harvesting to the minor ergs of the North Pole, extracted a heavy fia (water tax), and left the Richese unable to meet the quotas demanded of them by CHOME.

Ichwan Bedwine

While the various Fremen Sietches act independently, they are all part of Ichwan Bedwine, the brotherhood of all Fremen on Arrakis. In times of crisis a Council Gathering of the various Fremen leaders convenes. Once the consensus of the Ichwan Bedwine is determined, it becomes part of the cultural tau of the tribes.


The Fremen have an extensive espionage network in the imperial settlements, called "Cherem" or "brothers in hate." This consists of multi-generational infiltrations of the various households, a strong influence in organized crime and smuggling, and secure systems of relaying information. Agents of the Cherem are extremely careful not to be seen with each other, and will regularly commit suicide before compromising the Sietch.

Notable Fremen

Naib Sietch Bissal: Adham
Sietch Elder: Jawhar
Reverend Mother: Najeeba
Sayyadina: Wasfiyah
Water Master: Saadiq
Fremen: Waleed
Youth: Qutb
Shadout at Arrakeen Palace: Nasiha
Shadout Tsimpo Governor's Mansion: Tahiyah
Fremen Warrior:' Owais
Fremen Warrior: Taahir