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House Corrino

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House Corrino

The Imperial House Corrino was once the deadliest and grandest House Major found within the Known universe, and for many thousands of years the imperial family of the Imperium. The official residence of the Imperial House Corrino was the planet Kaitain while their personal fief was the ancestral exile planet Salusa Secundus.

House Corrino history

Butlerian Jihad

House Corrino are originated from the descendants of Octa Butler and Xavier Harkonnen. After the negative reputation earned by Harkonnen following his involvement in the death of Grand Patriarch Iblis Ginjo, most of their descendants abandoned the Harkonnen name and took the name Butler. Following the Battle of Corrin and the destruction of Omnius Prime, Faykan Butler, the Interim Viceroy of the League of Nobles adopted the name Corrino as a blatant reminder of their involvement in the war against and defeat of the Thinking Machines. The events after the Battle of Corrin saw the newly formed House Corrino capture rulership of the new Imperium.

Corrino Era

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House Corrino members

The Corrino Siridar

Emperor of the Known Universe: Emperor Aramsham Corrino
Emperors Fiancee: Lady Leronica Thorvald
Former Emperor of the Known Universe: Emperor Blaigvor Corrino [Deceased]
Empress Dowager: Empress Chiara Corrino (néé Richese)

The Corrino Family
Emperor's Sister: Princess Omilia Corrino
Emperor's Brother: Prince Lors Corrino
Emperor's Great Uncle: Imperial Lord Ishaq Corrino

The Corrino Retainers
Bene Gesserit Truthsayer: Reverend Mother Caius Roanne Toshya
Court Chamberlain: Imperial Lord Ishaq Corrino
Minister for Spice Affairs: Lord Eluzai Fenring
Mentat-Advisor: Matthias Lem
Commander of the Sardaukar: Grand Hegemon Levas Shard
Captain of the Imperial Guard: Bashar Islo Fulgencio
Suk Doctor: Rashid Bolivar
Imperial planetologist: Jasta Borges
Jongleur Entertainer: Lord Shander Jongleur