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House Fenring

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House Fenring

House Fenring was a House Minor during the days of the Faufreluches. Its head was usually a Count, and it was close to the Imperial House.

House Fenring History

Corrino Era

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House Fenring members

The Fenring Siridar

Patriarch Of House Fenring: Count Sheuset Fenring
Countess of House Fenring: Lady Irulan Fenring (néé O'Garee)

The Fenring Family

Heir of House Fenring: Lord Palaigo Fenring
Heir's Wife: Lady Dorit Fenring (néé Sor)
Grandson: Phidias Fenring
Count's Second Son': Lord Eluzai Fenring
Eluzai's Wife: Lady Eleanor Fenring (néé Corrino)
Count's Daughter: Lady Chalice Fenring

The Fenring Retainers

Vizier: Dardanius Ginaztera
Bene Gesserit Governess: Sister Louanne
Captain of the Guard /Swordsmaster: Daniel Napier
Sardaukar Commander: Supreme Bashar Alberto Bhrazen