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House Harkonnen

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House Harkonnen

House Harkonnen was a Great House during the time of the Padishah Emperors. Their capital was Giedi Prime, a heavily industrialised planet with a low photosynthetic potential. House Harkonnen was most famous for its underhanded and sinister political tactics, and for an ancient feud it maintained with another Great House, House Atreides. In addition, House Harkonnen had a reputation for ambition, malevolence, hatred and brutality. It was typically ruled by a Siridar Baron.

House Harkonnen history

Ancient History

The Harkonnen name was believed to originate in what was western Russia on ancient Earth, and the region of Earth called Suomi, also Finland. It has been suggested that the Harkonnen name comes from Sweden as a derivation of Hakkon - but it is likely that it is indeed from Finland, as Härkönen is a 20th century Finnish name. Moreover, the family name Härkönen is derived from the Finnish word härkä which means ox — the icon of Harkonnen.

Butlerian Jihad

The Harkonnen family during the time of the League of Nobles maintained a burgeonning commercial empire, and owned mining operations on the planet Hagal. The patriarch of the family, Ulf Harkonnen, and his wife, Katarina, were caught by Cymeks in their starship, above the planet Caladan. Piers, a son who accompanied them, was ejected down to the planet's surface, was never heard from again, and was presumed dead. His brother, Xavier Harkonnen, was raised by adoptive parents of the Tantor family, Emil and Lucille, on the League capital world of Salusa Secundus. Xavier eventually became a Primero during the Butlerian Jihad, but was disgraced when he killed Grand Patriarch Iblis Ginjo, in the Thalim system. Xavier's grandson, Abulurd Harkonnen, came to be the founder of House Harkonnen. The long-running feud with the Atreides originated after Abulurd refused an order from Vorian Atreides, to kill the millions of humans enslaved by the thinking machines. Abulurd's disobedience was exposed by Vorian himself at the Battle of Corrin, the Jihad's last battle. As a result, Abulurd was labelled a coward and a traitor. He was banished from the League Worlds to the frosty planet of Lankiveil by his own brother, Faykan Corrino, who became the first Emperor. Abulurd's sons were told this story, and grew hate about the name Atreides, and all their descendants.

Corrino Era

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House Harkonnen members

The Harkonnen Siridar

(Former) Patriarch of House Harkonnen: Baron Nikifor Harkonnen [Deceased]
Baron's Concubine: Lady Chalice Fenring [Unknown Status]
Heir to House Harkonnen: Lord Rasmus Harkonnen

The Harkonnen Family

House Harkonnen Regent: Lord Pyotr Harkonnen
Regent's Wife: Lady Dimela Harkonnen (néé Moritani)
Regent's Son: Lord Fyodor Harkonnen
Regent's Sister: Countess Floriscia Rabban-Harkonnen
Regent's Brother-in-Law: Count Ulf Rabban
Regent's Nephew: Lord Roman Rabban
Ulf's Sister: Lady Alekandra Rabban

The Harkonnen Retainers

Mentat-Advisor: Chardin Klees
Captain of the Guard: Dmitri Kudu
Suk Doctor: Obeshev Marotin
House Rabban Majordomo: Javicco Bushnell

Miscellaneous Harkonnen

Head Servant / Harkonnen spy: Per Unroth
Harkonnen resistance in Arrakeen: Savan Teradas
Senior Harkonnen Soldier: Yevgeny Nykanen