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Ixan Confederacy

The Ixians were a society that specialized in the production of complex machinery that often flouted the proscriptions of the Butlerian Jihad which led to a taboo on the constructions of machines that bore the exact human mind's image. Its name was derived from the fact that their home planet that was the ninth planet of the Alkalurops system.

Even after the liberation of Ix, many within the Imperium felt that the Ixians often strained or broke the universal ban on artificially intelligent machinery. However, astute political dealings, and the hunger for Ixian products, almost always kept the planet one step ahead of an outright invasion by the forces of the Great Houses.

The Ixians were, other than the Bene Tleilax, probably the most successful of the fringe worlds that maintained a sophisticated technological base, having had their technological base rebuilt at the cost of House Corrino reparations. They had effectively seen off competition by House Richese in the field of research and development, and their form of government seems to have been transformed into a meritocracy or perhaps technocracy. Politically they operated as a confederacy.

Ixan Confederacy members

Ixan Ambassador: Fakhir Radij
Ixian Courier: Zenzi Banfi
Ixan Chief Fabricator: Tivor Treazal