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Arrakis, also called Dune, is a desert world. With its two moons, it orbits the star Canopus, far from the galaxy's centers of population and commerce. Devastating sandstorms scour its surface, and beneath that surface lurk enormous deadly sandworms. The planet supports no natural open water and very few indigenous lifeforms. To those lifeforms, water is the most precious commodity. To live on Arrakis is to struggle constantly for survival. Despite its harsh climate and remote location, Arrakis is the most vital planet in the galaxy: It is the only known source of the precious substance known as Spice.

Towns & Villages

  Main article: Arrakeen
Arrakeen is the largest and most cosmopolitan city on the Planet. It was located near the northern pole of the planet, and sat largely on a mass of bedrock. This, in conjunction with the protection afforded by the Shield Wall, prevented any incursions from sandworms. Aside from providing the governing influence with a base of operations, the chief activities in Arrakeen were trade with off-world groups and individuals, and as a gathering point for some Fremen who preferred a more 'cultured' or exotic life

  Main article: Carthag

The newest city on Arrakis, Carthag was established in a flurry by House Harkonnen, when Nikifor Harkonnen, regent of House Harkonnen, arrived on the planet to begin executing that House's bid. It is a militarized city ruled with an iron fist, located on the smashed ruins of a smaller town, whose folk were put to work in the Hakonnen's shining new fortress. The Harkonnen appear to be paranoid to a fault, and it is rumored that even the Imperial Minister of Spice has had trouble entering the warren-like fortress city.

  Main article: Tsimpo

Tsimpo is currently held by the forces of the Padashah Emperor. It is ruled by Eleanor Fenring (néé Corrino) the Siridar governor. It boasts a contingent of Sardaukar sent to ensure that the forms are followed in any conflicts arising between the competitors. Sprawling on the Hagga Basin, Tsimpo is a city built around a number of ancient, Imperial Testing Stations that were established before the discovery of the Spice Melange. Thanks to the work done in generations-past at the testing stations, Tsimpo has the largest market of fresh produce on all Arrakis. The stations and the basin around them produce poverty grass, onions, bis-naga and even melons, as well as a variety of shrubs, herbs, dwarf trees and wild-flowers.

Oxtyn is a typical village with a population of around 1,000. It is situated in a rocky area so that sandworms are not a threat. Most of the people either work on spice mining or make stillsuits for sale in Arrakeen. The people have no interest in fighting the Atreides and the Harkonnens. The naib is a friendly man named Licallo, who will try to avoid trouble whenever possible.

Windsack is another village, situated near the Shield Wall. It contains a Sardaukar guard station and troop barracks. The Sardaukar and villagers grudgingly accept each other, though there is little love lost on either side, and there are occasional fights.

The Other Cities

A garrison town south of Carthag.

Splintered Rock:
A spice mining outpost out in Hagga Basin on Arrakis.

a Garrison Town near Arrakeen.

On the edge of the Minor Erg, Lamrab was once a smuggler's haven, located far from the Imperial Basin.

On the Southern edge of the Shield Wall, Khiter is a small city built into a natural canyon. The city has excellent, immediate access to the spice fields of the Funeral Plain, but its population must hide in their homes whenever a Coriolis Storm strikes the area, for the Southern side of Khiter's canyon is open to the winds of the desert. Khiter has a larger Fremen population

on the Fake Wall is removed from the Shield Wall, making it an isolated city of secrets, but more susceptible to the dangers of the desert, and more distant from political power.

on the Southern edge of the Shield Wall, is built high above the Funeral Plain, and has an almost-entirely native, Fremen population.

Mayyah and Lodon Lakbyr:
both lie on the edge of the Minor Erg and have large harvesting operations already in-place.

Dohn: in the Imperial Basin is the remaining city nearest Arrakeen, and so serves the interests of politics and appearance by allowing for more contact with CHOAM and its partners.

The Desert

Sietch Jacurutu & Shuloch Village

Sietch Jacarutu was originally the home of the Iduali (“water insects”), a fremen tribe that were cast out of wider fremen society for heinous acts, including water stealing and unwarranted murder. Long before the arrival of the Richese, the other fremen attacked Sietch Jacarutu and it was believed that all the Iduali were killed. By the time the Richese arrived, Sietch Jacarutu and the Iduali were widely believed to be the stuff of legend. Some Iduali survived, however. They kept a very low profile, living in a village named Schuloch, close to the original site of Sietch Jacarutu. They sometimes help off-worlders smuggle worms offplanet to try and start the spice cycle on other worlds, and indulge in some spice smuggling. The Iduali generally keep to fremen tradition, but they have no loyalty to anyone outside of the Iduali. Many of them believe that they were betrayed by the other tribes.

Sietch Bissal
A typical fremen sietch of about 300 people, Bissal is a single thumper from both Arrakeen and Carthag.

Maysarah Sietch
A typical fremen sietch, it is a single thumper from Carthag, two thumpers from Arrakeen.

Rock Formation: Cave of Riches
Wind trap with a vast reservoir of water in a small rock formation, 524 miles from Sietch Bissal (one or two thumpers), The reservoir is probably about as wide/long as an olympic swimming pool (ie about 50m x 25m). It's about 18' deep and is About quarter full

Rock Formation: Cave of Birds
Beneath Habbanya Ridge, Has a cave large enough to hide a factory crawler

Other Sietches
Other sietches include Sietch Tabr, Sietch Gara Kulon, Coanua Sietch, False Sietch, 'Red Chasm Sietch, Sietch Abbir, Sietch Makab, Umbu Sietch and Windgap Sietch

Polar Sink

Northern Polar Sink
Southern Polar Sink


Caladan was the third planet orbiting the star Delta Pavonis. It was a lush oceanic world, and the ancestral home of House Atreides for twenty-six generations. Rain also appeared to be a common feature of the planet's meteorology. The land was also broken by rivers and mountains. The planet hosted a diverse and complex underwater ecosystem, and presumably an equally rich and complex biology of the land.

Western Continent

The Western Continent is where most of the people and industry of the planet were located, as well as the planet's capital, Cala City.

Castle Caladan
Castle Caladan was the official residence of the ruling clan of planet Caladan. It was an impressive ancient structure, made of very old stone and wood, and was characterized by many rooms and halls, as well as vaulted ceilings with patterned wooden beams. Its Dining Hall was the scene of many lush meals presided over by the Atreides Duke.

Main Spaceport

Eastern Continent

Abbey of the Sisters in Isolation
The Sisters in Isolation were an off-shoot religious branch of women who lived on Caladan's isolated Eastern Continent in a large Abbey. The Abbey provided shelter from the outside world, where the women, called sisters, would weave tapestries for sale throughout the Imperium, and meditate as they created. Many of the sisters who were members of the abbey had taken a vow of silence, and all who entered the compound pledged to never return to the outside world.

Southern Continent

Caladanian wineyards
Atreides Landing Spaceport
Atreides Landing was a second spaceport built on the Southern Continent of the planet Caladan late in the Corrino Empire, by House Atreides. The spaceport, and accompanying city, was built to transport the various goods and products grown on or near the southern land mass. This was to combat the high price of having to transport the goods to Cala City, on the other side of the world, on the Western Continent.


Kaitain was the Imperial Capital of the Corrino Empire. It had 4 moons. The planet became the capital when the Imperial Seat was moved from Salusa Secundus—Salusa Secundus having become a wasteland after the intended destruction of House Corrino by House Tantor using atomics. That planet subsequently became the Emperor's prison planet.

Corrinth City

Corrinth City, or Corrinth, is the most lavish and glamorous capital city of the planet Kaitain. It was the chief city and capital of the planet Kaitain, homeworld of the Padishah Emperors during the ten millennia of the rule of the Corrino Empire.

Imperial Opal Palace
The Imperial Opal Palace, the residence of the Padishah Emperors, is located in Corrinth City, the capital city of the planet Kaitain along the Imperial Boulevard: a large garden avenue lined with the statues of the previous Corrino Emperors.

Hassik III Center for the Performing Arts
Imperial Necropolis
Imperial Observatory
Imperial Prison
Ishaq XV Hall of the Magnificent Documents
Landsraad Hall of Oratory
Imperial Spaceport

Giedi Prime

Giedi Prime was the third planet orbiting the star Ophiuchi B. It was the historical homeworld of House Harkonnen.


Barony was the capital city of planet Giedi Prime during the rule of House Harkonnen. Barony's skyline was dominated by an extremely large rectangular building in its centre, which was surrounded by mostly low-level housing. The structure was 900 stories tall and 45 kilometers long, with no access at ground level, as it was a slave colony. It was here that Duncan Idaho was enslaved with his family. Architecturally, the idea was so that the populace could "look up" to its rulers, and remember their lowly place. Much of Barony's population was slave labour to operate Harkonnen factories and die as gladiators and sport in the entertainment arenas, usually for the sake of the rich Houses Minor who maintained operations there.


Harko was a major city of the planet Giedi Prime under the rule of House Harkonnen.


slave-market city

Giedi City

Giedi City was the main industrial and government city on Giedi Prime.


Major City on Giedi Prime

Wallach IX

Wallach IX, ninth planet of Laoujin (in the Second Ring of the Empire). Chapter House of the Bene Gesserit

Bene Gesserit Motherschool


Tleilax (also known as Tleilaxa) is the sole planet in the Thalim star system, and was home to the Bene Tleilax - a society of genetically altered highly religious and xenophobic humans.


Bandalong was the chief city on Tleilax, the prime world of the Bene Tleilax. Entrance was forbidden to outsiders, the explanation given was that the majority of the city was considered holy and 'religious' by the Tleilaxu.


Thalidei, where non-Tleilaxu were allowed to live under close supervision. Not considered sacred and completely out of bounds, such as the Tleilaxu city of Bandalong.


Ix is the ninth planet in the star system Alkalurops, and ruled by the Ixian Technocracy. The Ixian economy depends on manufacturing complex machinery, which sometimes flouts the moral-juridical proscriptions of the Butlerian Jihad. The planet's name stemmed originally from the misinterpretation of the Roman numeral IX (9).

Sigma Draconis IV

Located in the Sigma Draconis star system, this ice world was the home planet for House Ordos. Draconis 4 is believed to have been settled by Humans originating in Earth's China, other Theories however have supposed Settlers with Roman or Egyptian Roots.Before the Butlerian Jihad Draconis IV was known to be home to Mercenaries allied with the Jihadists.