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Orange Catholic Church

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Thou shalt not disfigure the soul
Orange Catholic Bible first commandment

After several generations of the chaotic and bloody Butlerian Jihad, representatives from each of the major religious factions convened to create a new, universal religion for the new Imperial age. Twenty-one representatives gathered together into what was called the Commission of Ecumenical Translators (C.E.T.). Their stated purpose was formulated within the first few days: 'We are here to remove a primaryweapon from the hands of disputant religions.' That weapon: the claim to possession of the one and only revelation. They labored for generations in secret, while the public watched and waited for some result. During these longyears, nine representatives died and were replaced.

Finally, the Commission opened its doors and presented to the breathless Imperium their issue-the Orange Catholic Bible (and several commentaries of it).The O.c. Bible incorporated material from the sacred texts of all extant religions-the Quran, the Old and NewTestaments, the Vedas, and many others. The O.c. Bible strippedaway all of the old symbols of religious importance, such as the cross, and replaced them with newconcepts.The populace of the Imperium greeted the freshly printed O.c. Bible with reluctant apprehension. Riots devastated several planets, and accordingto official estimates, eighty million died in the resulting conflagrations.

Though rather shocking at first, the O.C. Bible satisfied the most important need of mankind at the timethat of a unifying religion and moral doctrine. While colonies were being established on one far-flung world after another and the Great Houses were scattering among thousands of homeworlds, humankind found itselfdispersed over distances never before imagined. Orange Catholicism replaced the fear of isolation with a sense of spiritual unity.

The O.c. Bible containsa dualistic theological approach. Images of a benevolent God contrast with a malevolent Devil. This dichotomy engenders a "black and white" conception of the universe in which everything can be discussed in termsof 'good' and 'evil.' Considering the complexities of Imperial civilization, it is not surprising that separatist groups abandoned Orange Catholicism in favor of agnosticism or other religions and philosophies reflecting the shades of gray which truly characterize the moral incertitude of Imperial life.