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Spacing Guild

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Spacing Guild

The Spacing Guild, also known as the Guild of Navigators, or more simply the Guild, was an organization which held exclusive rights to faster than light space travel. The Guild monopoly on space travel and transport and upon interstellar banking is taken as the beginning point of the Imperial Calendar.

Spacing Guild History


Details of the Guild's emergence are contentious, although it is believed they emerged as a serious political and economic force around the time of The Great Convention.

Butlerian Jihad

Prior to this the organization existed as a private corporation, established by the scientist Norma Cenva and her powerful entrepreneur husband Aurelius Venport. When Cenva extended the Holtzman Effect far beyond the scope of its inventor Tio Holtzman, she made possible spacefolding, allowing vast vessels to instantly cross from one point in space-time to another. Prior to this, although described as "outracing photons", vessels still took weeks or months to cross between even the closest stars. Through the protection and bartering of Venport's company VenKee Enterprises, Cenva's achievement was transformed into a monopoly interest that became essential to the well-being of the post-jihad realm.

Corrino Era

While the exact evolution of the monopoly they hold on faster than light space travel are not given, they do none-the-less wield this formidable power.

Spacing Guild

Guild Navigator: Sedrik
Guild Administrator: Gerasimos Crompton
Guild Representative: Gilbertus Ghappato
Assistant Guild Representative: Christopher Beskid
Guild Bank Director (Arrakeen): Vinchen Dether
Guild Bank Subsidiary Director (Carthag): Blenhem Borhaldt
Guild Inspector: Karee Sheivvun
Guild Courier: Brandis Mornay
Guild Security Officer: Taref Fultz
Wayku: Suri