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Bene Tleilax

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Bene Tleilax

Bene Tleilax, or the Tleilaxu as they were more commonly called, were a group of secretive, genetically altered humans who inhabited Tlulax, the sole planet of the star Thalim. The customs and ethics of the Bene Tleilax led to widespread revulsion by the other cultures of the Known Universe, a reaction that did little to quench the Tleilaxu's hunger to subjugate their rivals.

Bene Tleilax History

Butlerian Jihad

Around the years of the Butlerian Jihad, Tlulax was an Unallied planet. The Tlulaxa worked as merchants and slavers. Tlulaxa scientists were noted geneticists and cloners and the planet was known for its organ farms. During the war, due to the heightened demand, slaves were taken as organ reservoirs. This was revealed by Vorian Atreides, and public opinion had been inflamed against the genetic researchers; outraged mobs destroyed the organ farms and most of the Tlulaxa went into hiding, hated by the League.

Corrino Era

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Bene Tleilax

Tleilaxu Masheik: Tuttoix
Tleilaxu Master: Urquidi
Tleilaxu Face Dancer: Izaet
Tleilaxu Ghola: