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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is your stance towards the new Dune books?
A: We know there are a lot of orthodox Herbertarians who dislike the new books and refuse to acknowledge the books written by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson as real Dune Books. We are in an alternate universe as as such all events and characters in the original books by Frank Herbert as the new books by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson are not present and events never happened. The books including the new books are used as a source of information for houses which might be used here including the relationships between said houses.

Q: House Vernius & Ix
A: House Vernius of Ix is heavily featured in all the prequels. However, in the original Dune novels refers to the Ixian Confederacy, indicating no noble House ruled the planet. In the original novels, there is no mention at all of House Vernius running Ix. Because of house vernius not being mentioned in the original novels and Ix being referred to as a confederacy we have chosen to make Ixian Confederacy and House Vernius two separate entities.

Q: House Ordos
A: House Ordos is a house introduced in the Dune Games and is not mentioned in any of the novels only in the dune encyclopedia. In the games House Ordos is a mercenary and mercantile who are unlike other noble houses not ran by a noble family but by a Executrix, four beings who share a single mind and communicate through an entity known as "the speaker". We have chosen to make House Ordos a normal noble house under the leadership of a noble and his family like all other noble houses in the Landsraad.

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